What Happened Next

What Happened Next: Emmaus Road

Luke 24:13-35 | April 8, 2018

by Chris Ellison

The next time you are on the road to Emmaus, look up and find out where God is in your situation. If you can’t find him, ask him where he is, and what you are missing in the situation.

What Happened Next: Doubting Thomas

John 20:24-29 | April 15, 2018

by Jud Jordan

Many believe that “doubt” is bad.  We may believe that it is somehow dishonoring of God when the truth is, it can be our greatest place of faith growth.  Find out how Jesus reacted to the doubt of one of His own disciples and how we should deal with it.

What Happened Next: The Ascension

Acts 1:6-11 | April 29, 2018

by Jud Jordan

How we relate to God matters. Find out why.