Latest sermons at Embark Church

God Provides

Single Sermons   /  Genesis 22:1-13 | June 17, 2018

by Jud Jordan

Find out how he has specifically provided a building for Embark Church.

Avoiding the Dry Season

Single Sermons   /  1 Samuel 3:1-18 | June 10, 2018

by Jud Jordan

As we move into summer, there are two activities in which we must remain mindful in order to avoid drifting into “the dry season.”

Foolish Obedience: Lessons from Noah

Single Sermons   /  Genesis 6:22 | June 3, 2018

by Chris Ellison

Noah’s obedience affected the lives of all who came after him. What is the foolish obedience God is asking from you?

The Kingdom of God

Single Sermons   /  Daniel 2:44 | May 20, 2018

by Chris Ellison

The Kingdom of Heaven is one epic tale of how God brings everything back under proper authority. God over mankind, and mankind over all creation. The problem is that many of us don’t know what that practically looks like in our lives. How do we accomplish this? How do we live out the role that God has given?

What Happened Next: The Ascension

What Happened Next   /  Acts 1:6-11 | April 29, 2018

by Jud Jordan

How we relate to God matters. Find out why.