Latest sermons at Embark Church

Worship Freely

Single Sermons   /  2 Samuel 6:14-15, 20 | October 8, 2017

by Chris Ellison

The worship of God confronts feelings of captivity, shame, and worthlessness. Learn more about how the worship of God can bring us freedom.

Running to Grace

The Pursuit of Holiness   /  1 Peter 1:13-16 | October 1, 2017

by Jud Jordan

Pursuing holiness is not only running from things of this world but running to the things of God. Find out more.

Personally Pursuing Holiness

The Pursuit of Holiness   /  1 Peter 1:13-16 | September 24, 2017

by Jud Jordan

Pursuing personal holiness begins with understanding what it isn’t, what is is, and how to get there.

Setting the Stage

The Pursuit of Holiness   /  Isaiah 6:1-7 | September 17, 2017

by Jud Jordan

There are four things to know that set the stage for pursuing holiness.

The Lord is My Shepherd

The Pursuit of Holiness   /  Psalm 23:1 | September 10, 2017

by Jud Jordan

The Lord is my Shepherd. But is He?